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Hey all,

Like many of you, when I decided I was ordering a Polestar I wanted it as fast as possible.

As a software developer, I figured that I could write an app that would notify me as soon as a pre-configured Polestar with the specification I wanted became available. So, I wrote a little script and sure enough, a few days later I was notified.

It turns out, quite a few other people also wanted to be notified, so I put some forms in front of the script and now you too can be notified when a Polestar 2 of your chosen configuration becomes available as a pre-configured option!

I hope it helps :star:

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Excellent work! Thanks a lot. That will help me a lot.

I would like to add a feature request.

Would it be possible to add a filter for the delivery date.

I just entered a search and I got a notification for a match. In the notification it is also stated that „Polestar Finder will no longer notify you about this particular specification“

The delivery date for that car is too late. Currently I will not get any new notification in case any cars will be added that match my specifications with an earlier delivery date.

Thanks in advance for considering this request.

Greetings, Piqniqa

You will not get an answer of the original author here.

Please refer to:

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Danke fĂĽr die Info, hatte es dann auch bemerkt, dass es ein Re-Post war und nicht der Originalpost vom Ersteller des Tools. Ich habe ihn direkt angeschrieben und einen :coffee: gespendet

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