Ionity charges only with 37kW @SoC 61%

IONITY France Aire Vallee de la vire gouvets

IONITY Charging Station
+33 1 87 21 08 91

Polestar PS 2 SMLR
connected at SoC 61%
loads only with max 37kW

any idea why so slow?

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Did you have the HPC as destination in Google Maps?
Why did you start charging at 61%? Thats almost full (for long distances).
Did you try another charger? Sometimes the HPCs limit power if they are overheating or if the grid is limited at the moment.

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thanks for your information

Indeed HPC was not in Google.
We decided spontaneous to have a break at the station and I decided to use the time for charging

Try to follow your suggestions next time

The battery was pretty full… and maybe even a tiny bit too cold. But generally speaking there could have also been something wrong with that particular charger.
I was charging at a supermarket the other week… and it was supposed to give (I think it was) 150 kW… shared between the 2 ports, so max 75 kW with two cars charging. Instead… I was only getting around 25 kW. When the other car left it went up to around 50 kW.

So there’s no need to worry…

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